The OpenROADM Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) is a collaborative effort between carriers and vendors to create and promote an open, disaggregated, and efficient optical networking ecosystem that allows for flexible, scalable, and fully operational  networks supporting various services and applications.

The MSA group defines and characterizes these solutions in the OpenROADM models and specifications with the aim to enable an open evolution of management, operations, vendor interoperation. This promotes speed to market, performance optimization, cost savings, and technology evolution to meet the diverse needs of network operators.


  • Inform and drive the development activities of optical technology solution providers by identifying optical network architecture, features, and applications of interest to network operators
  • Deliver an open, common, and fully operational management information data model and the APIs required to plan, design, and manage the optical network and services
  • Advance open and interoperable optical technology and network solutions via forward-looking discussions during vendors’ planning and development cycles
  • Facilitate the development and adoption of industry standards and specifications for interoperability of new technologies by promoting collaboration among industry stakeholders. This includes defining optical data plane specifications when and where interoperation is needed and not already defined by standard body organizations such as ITU or IEEE


The OpenROADM MSA forum holds regularly scheduled meetings where industry stakeholders collaborate closely to develop and adopt industry standards and specifications that promote interoperability and vendor neutrality.

The forum provides a platform for technical experts to exchange knowledge, discuss best practices, and share experiences to ensure the effective implementation of these standards and specifications across the optical networking ecosystem.