OpenROADM is a disaggregated optical networking architecture that enables service providers to create open, scalable, and flexible networks capable of supporting a variety of services and applications. The OpenROADM MSA group defines and promotes Open API models and optical specifications to create an ecosystem that promotes vendor interoperability, reduces vendor lock-in, and lowers the total cost of network ownership.

The OpenROADM MSA group provides a platform for technical experts to exchange knowledge, discuss best practices, and share experiences to ensure the effective implementation of these standards and specifications across the optical networking ecosystem.


The OpenROADM models establish a standard for the interfaces and functionalities of network elements, network management, and service management.

These OpenROADM models promote vendor interoperability and open networking by creating a common management interface for different equipment vendors and SDN controllers.

Open optical and open data plane enables transport interoperation when needed between vendors

  • MW Multi-Wave between ROADMs
  • W between XPDRs
  • Wr between XPDRs and ROADMs


OR is not just ROADM interoperation, Topics evolve with carrier needs and technology and include:

  • B400G Interoperation
  • OpenROADM control of single vendor Open Line System (OLS)
  • Brownfield / Greenfield interoperation
  • Remote site over fiber XPDR node interoperation and management
  • Open Pluggables