OpenROADM is an open-source initiative that defines a set of standard interfaces for building open and interoperable optical transport networks. Specifically, OpenROADM currently specifies:

  • Interoperable open optical interfaces – please see current MSA published device white paper and optical specification for more details:
    • W (Single-Wavelength Interface)
    • Wr (Single-Wavelength Interface for ROADM Add/Drop Ports)
    • MW (Multi-Wavelength Interface)
    • MWi (Multi-Wavelength Interface for ILAs)
    • OSC (Optical Supervisory Channel)
  • Management information models and APIs/RPCs – please see current MSA published Github repository including white papers on device, network and services for more details:
    • Device data model and APIs
    • Network data model and APIs
    • Service data model and APIs

Both the open optical interfaces and management information models are evolving and expanding based on community interest .